Friday, January 16, 2009


K.P. Nayar appears to have been greatly relieved after his recent Caribbean round. In those parts imperialism, working class, words like these, appear in discussions like the old days. He started with the objective of showing how effective are the Venezuelan diplomatic actions and simultaneously held an overview of the political happenings in the Latin American countries. For more than last fifteen years words, terms connected with Marxian political economy have become passé to the blue eyed boys of the recent breed of journalists. This is in reference to his Unusual Wedding on the ninth page of The Telegraph of 10th December, 08.

Opportunism is a poor choice to avoid the travails of the path of reason Long before the great revolution in France, Americans fought British imperialism and proclaimed the Declaration of Independence. Decades earlier before the Bolsheviks routed the Czar Mexican working class and toiling masses staged a socialist revolution .Of course, ultimately it was destroyed by the ruling classes. The point is not actually finding out who was the first. This is not a race to become a first boy. The fact remains that revolutions take place. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail. Residual signatures remain enduring for centuries. Bonapartism could not finish off republicanism, or, science based atheism, or, nearer to home metric system for lineal, weight wise and all kinds of measurements and all that stands upon logic and mathematical reasoning. Great revolution of France advanced human civilization exponentially in spite of gory slaughter it entailed, in spite of it devouring revolutionaries in hundreds in guillotine.

Similarly, the revolution staged by Russian Bolsheviks in October, 1917 although fell through after more than seventy years of existence could not eliminate the contradictions those foster the revolutions. It is therefore very natural that revolutionary theories along with their jargon continue to be voiced to the great distress of reactionaries or renegades.


fleuve-souterrain said...

The Venezuelan experience is strikingly different from the Western (read American here) one. The economic setup, the trade relations that country has with the world, and a conscious effort to bypass and sometimes challenge American hegemony have made sure marxian vocabulary still matters in their world view. Among American intelectuals too, the likes of Chomsky and Stiglitz, words like "imperialism", "proletariat", "working class" etc. make sense to be kept alive because problems abound all around owing to American neo-colonialism/imperialism. In India, the media is a bunch of "neo-cons", new conservative educated middle class, fashioning themselves after the urban American template with a taste for liberal market economics and so-called globalization. Europe still has vestiges of Marxism, not to trivialize it by calling it vestiges... The recent problems of recession and stagnation, flux of economic migrants from former colonies (in France, Spain) and their own lack of vision is leading Europeans back into examining Marxism, what has not been studied of it so far. Nice musing Old Man, kudos!

Anonymous said...

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