Monday, January 26, 2009


Several things are happening. After more than half a century Nazim Hikmet has been declared an honoured national poet by Turkish government. So far as I remember Nazim Hikmet died in exile in the then Soviet Union. He was seriously ill. What can be the explanation of this sudden reevaluation of Nazim.May be Turkish government are looking at the past happenings in the history from a different angle,or, it could be that Nazim Hikmet dead is no longer a danger and in view of popular sentiments a little accommodation can be offered to him. In any case we are happy that Turkey has honourably rehabilitated her great revolutionary poet. We remember with what great pride and emotion while in Pakistani jails we used to read and recite Nazim Hikmet. How inspired we used to have been.

From mid twentieth century to its end the church ,particularly the Roman Catholics told the world that Galileo was true in propagating Heliocentric theory and Darwin was perfectly valid in establishing the theories of natural selection and evolution in his Origin of Species. Calumny and humiliation were heaped upon truth for centuries. Ultimately moments of truth appeared with a thunderclap.

Lenin began his State and Revolution with an anecdote.In those times anti Marxists were praising Marx sky high and condemning the followers of Marx. Lenin concluded that in his death Marx was believed to have become harmless.So put an hallow around his name and praise him in order to mollify the ardent followers of Marx.

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